The beta-version is published


Today the beta version of YaoiShips was published. It includes only basic functions so far, but, believe me, there are big plans on the project's future. ;)

For the historical report, I put here a screenshot of the project's statistics for today (21.08.2018): Project's stats on 21.08.2018

As you can see, the site is divided into three main sections - Fandoms, Characters and Ships. Check them out!

All function are available after a quick, convenient and free registration. Also, you can use your account on FB, Instagram, Google, Flickr, etc. to speed up your registration!

After a quick registration, you can join fandoms, like or dislike characters and ships. Information about everything that you like or dislike will be displayed in your personal profile.

The url of your personal page will be: It's open to public, so you can share it with your friends!

P.S. Register among the first 100 users and get a limited achievement in your profile! The first 100 registered users achievement The limited achievement

P.P.S. Please support and follow the development of the project!

What do you think about it?...