Our new features: your opinions and ship moments


I want to present you an improved version of the ship page!

First of all, the representation of the ship was revised in a more convenient form. Under the picture of the character, you can like or dislike him. Like characters on the ship page!

Secondly, I little by little add "ship moments" - images and gifs with their relationships in the original work. For example, look at the page with OtaYuri (aka Plibek). The ship moments block

Thirdly and most importantly, there is an opportunity to leave your opinion on the ship!

It is proposed to evaluate four questions on a five-star scale: "Is the ship a canon?", "How much they interact in the original?", "Does their relationship look realistic?" and "Has the ship enough fan works?".
And also you can write all you want in "Your opinion" box. Tell us how you find out this ship, why do you love or hate it! Leave your opinion about ship

I hope that you will like the changes and they will be easy to use.
I'm waiting for your opinions! :)

What do you think about it?...