Our new features: birthdays calendar


Lately a lot of work on YaoiShips has been done.
First of all, many new fandoms, characters, and ship were added. There is also a new section BL & Yaoi anime/manga in which 6 fandoms have already been added. See our characters and ships sections to judge for yourself the progress for the month!

Secondly, for each character was added information about his nicknames, birth date, physical parameters (age, weight, height), what he like and doesn't like. More information about character A lot of useful information, isn't it?
Check easily Height Rule And now you can easily check "Height Rule" ;)

The last and the most "delicious" update is Birthdays Calendar.

Do you want to know who has a birthday today? Or which character's birthday match with yours? Or do you want to write fanfiction for the birthday of some characters?
Open the calendar and don't forget about the birthdays of your favorite characters! Birthdays Calendar Click on the character's image to go to his profile
Today's Birthdays Don't miss today's birthdays!
Check out the home page!

P.S. Do you celebrate the birthdays of your favorite characters?
Write how do you spend them in the comments block below. :)

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