The new season of "Wolf in the House"


What could be better than announcing the second season from your one of the most favorite BL Korean authors? For me - nothing. And what do I see on Twitter? Yeap, I see THIS:

The first manhwa by Park Ji-Yeon which I read was exactly this one - "Wolf in the House".
This story tells about the freelance writer Minsook, who is in the process of breaking the on-and-off 10-year gay relationship. The guy decides to adopt the "dog" from the shelter. However, the same evening the dog which called Bexan turns into a man. After the first misunderstanding, it turns out that Bexan wants to get to Siberia. Minsook decides to help him... The first meet between Minsook and Bexan as a human Welcome home?...

The main advantages of this manhwa is a qualitative mix of humor, a pleasant style of drawing and logical narration, despite the existence of a "supernatural" genre here. Characters are realistic and you can really believe that you can not only have a dog, but also date with it. It shows quite ordinary people with their problems and principles. They are looking for their way of life and love.

If we talk about yaoi, then it is here. It is very relevant, without sparklings and lightsabers (you truly know what I mean). Just beautiful, sensual sex. This is perhaps another great plus for me. Minsook and Bexan have sex

And she also has very specific coloring and drawing style. You can always tell that it's her job.
(And I was falling in love with her style ) Minsook and Bexan from Wolf in the House And yes, you will never forget these eyes.

P.S. I did not say anything, but Park Ji-Yeon's "Momentum" series is even cooler, more interesting and more intriguing than this... But pssst!

What do you think about it?...