About project

About project

☆ Main goal ☆

... is to create a huge database of yaoi ships, where you will be able to get complete information about the pairing and find inspiration for your artworks or fanfictions! And many-many other features!

☆ What is yaoi? ☆

Yaoi (jp. やおい ) describes the relationship between two men (i.e. homosexuals). The word “yaoi” itself is an abbreviation for the japanese frase “Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi”, which basicly means: “No peak, no fall, no meaning”.

☆ Do you want to be a part of out team? ☆

Is English your native language? And you don’t like grammatical errors?
⇒ Please, help us correct them!!!

Do you have any favorite ships?
⇒ Help us fill information about it!

Do you have any favorite authors of artworks/videos/fanfictions/etc.?
⇒ Help us add all interesting artists and the other yaoi lovers could also enjoy it!

Do you want to write articles about yaoi or reviews about djs/manga/whatever?
⇒ Publish them on our website and meet like-minded people!

Would you like to be YAOI volunteer?... :)

So please feel free to contact me via email: info@yaoiships.com or our FB page.